OpenResty Edge™ Changelog

New2021.4.20Support global dynamic metrics
New2021.4.16Support Lua extensions for admin
New2021.4.16Support application dynamic metrics
Improved2021.4.16Support two edge-admin server at the same time, for high availability
Removed2021.4.14Remove the trusted_client and trusted_uid configurations
Added2021.4.12Add blacklist to global lua module and custom share zone
Fixed2021.4.6Fix the issue of global action modification triggering node binary upgrade
Improved2021.4.1Limit the frequency of repeated error messages, when sending queue is full, each worker print one log entry every 30 seconds at most
Added2021.3.31Support calling third-party module from a third-party module
Added2021.3.31Support SRV type records in DNS application
Added2021.3.29Add lua-resty-mlcache library to openresty-plus
Improved2021.3.29Limit the request rate to the configuration update API to avoid multiple nodes doing whole synchronise at the same time
New2021.3.29Add support to specifying customise certificate issuer, with EAB support for ACME services
Added2021.3.29Support decoded_proxy_authorization variable in the http forward proxy access log
Added2021.3.29Collect more upstream metrics (such as http status codes)
Added2021.3.26Support per Application configurations of: client-max-body-size, proxy-cache-revalidate, proxy-cache-use-stale, gateway-gzip and enable-websocket
Fixed2021.3.26Fix the problem that the some pages cannot be loaded when log-server crashes
Improved2021.3.25Support filtering error logs by time range
Improved2021.3.25Optimise the concurrency control of health check, fixed “timer is not enough” error when there are many upstreams with health check enabled
Fixed2021.3.25Do not report health check results repeatedly
Added2021.3.23Add WAF rules in v3.3
Added2021.3.22Add new action sorted-query-string to EdgeLang
Added2021.3.22Sticky Cookie support
Added2021.3.19Move entrance of licences page from Gateway Cluster to the upper left corner besides logo in home page
Added2021.3.19rearrange main navigation menu
Added2021.3.19Support displaying source code for WAF rule sets
Fixed2021.3.19Fix a failure case when manual uploading application level certificates: when application is wildcard domain and the certificate is non-wildcard domain will cause the failure
Added2021.3.19Add the API for certbot plug-in
Fixed2021.3.17Support binding local ipv6 address
Improved2021.3.17Log up to 3 entries when no IP database token is provided
Added2021.3.17Apply pan-domain semantic change, multi-level domain matching is no longer supported. For example, * will only match and not (It is still compatible for the current version, but will be deprecated and removed in future versions.)
Improved2021.3.16Optimize most of the GET interfaces. It takes only 100ms now instead of original 1.2 seconds for some interface
Improved2021.3.15Optimise Application list loading time, the interface time is reduced by about 900ms
Added2021.3.14Switch to TimescaleDB for log server database (need to install TimescaleDB extension)
Fixed2021.3.14After DNS health check failed, the resolution result list will not returning failed IPs
New2021.3.14keepalived integration, support high-availability on IP layerDocument
Added2021.03.10Support binding local IP
Added2021.03.10Support binding local IP when forwarding
Added2021.03.10Support node level enabling QAT
Fixed2021.03.10Fix the 500 response code issue when uploading certificate
Added2021.03.09DNS health check support enabling and configuring ports within independent record
Fixed2021.03.09Forward proxy support multiple ports
Fixed2021.03.09Fix incorrect remote address in user session on Admin
Added2021.03.09EdgeLang source code viewing support of hitting WAF rules in WAF log page
Added2021.03.09Pick and disable WAF rule WAF ruleset under WAF log page
Added2021.03.09DNS records management support in the application page
Added2021.03.09Support upstream health check for TCP/TLS applications
Added2021.03.09Return details of failed upstream health check
Improved2021.03.08Optimize EdgeLang compilation speed