OpenResty® Edge 2
Traffic Manager Platform

  • Centralized Web GUI for managing all gateway nodes, clusters, and configurations
  • RESTful API to automate the management and publish workflow
  • Build private CDN or traffic entrance on private and public clouds easily and quickly
  • Live config updates for domains and SSL certificates, supporting up to tens of thousands of domains
  • Integrated DNS servers, WAF, real-time analytics, and error log collection
  • On-the-fly reconfiguration of origin server pools and flexible load balancing strategies
  • Purge cache selectively by tags and arbitrary custom conditions at real time

OpenResty® Edge Admin

The web based administration GUI for OpenResty® Edge 2. Easily manages all gateway services and other sub-products on the Edge platform. Easily handles gateway networks from a single machine to global ones with multiple clusters.

OpenResty® DNS

High performance and dynamic authoritative DNS servers. Advanced rule based traffic dispatch with Geo-steering support. Supports all common DNS record types.

OpenResty® Edge Language

Powerful Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) designed specifically for dynamic gateway logic. Our DSLs are declarative and support request/response rewrite, traffic steering and forwarding, security filtering, and much more.

OpenResty® WAF

Dynamically configurable and extensible Web Application Firewall. Built-in rule sets for mitigating SQL injection, XSS scripting, remote code execution and much more. It is fully customizable and live reconfigurable.

Feature Highlights

  • Flexible traffic steering, security filtering, caching, and rewriting, all at the same time.
  • Use of small, document-like business level languages to express complex business logic quickly and elegantly.
  • Live config updates and rollbacks across global networks within seconds.
  • Live config updates require no reboot or reload of online processes.
  • Managing and serving tens of thousands of applications and domains efficiently.
  • Quickly responds to complicated customization and interface rewriting requirements of backend applications.
  • Transparent WAF to intercept malicious requests effectively and effortlessly.
  • One server can handle all kinds of Internet traffic such as DNS, HTTP, and web API.
  • Real-time analytics and log monitoring, exposing the most subtle and tiny problems.
  • Various ways to convey complicated gateway config: web forms, RESTful API, and business DSLs.

Performance Benefits

  • Minimum CPU usage. Edge Admin automatically generates highly specialized code, based on the current config of each domain, eliminating any unused features and code.
  • Edge Admin automatically optimizes code published to gateway nodes. The gateway software uses the latest Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation technologies to unleash the raw performance of the underlying hardware, according to the characteristics of the current actual traffic.
  • Minimum memory consumption. DNS and HTTP servers share the same copy of metadata cache. Edge Admin ensures that no unused modules or code will get loaded at runtime.
  • Reduce time for building traffic gateways and even global CDN networks to minutes.
  • Allow the user to freely define complicated routing rules from the gateway to the origin servers, choosing the best route for minimal client waiting time.
  • Built-in cache software for caching web pages and API responses, reducing the overall access to the origin servers.
  • 100% non-blocking network I/O, scaling up to tens of thousands or even millions of concurrent connections.

Cost Benefits

  • Easy adjustment of backend application interfaces in the gateway, avoiding costs associated with changing the backend applications.
  • Reduce development and customization cost by replacing traditional coding work with gateway config and rule spec.
  • Highly optimized performance that reduces hardware requirements, number of servers, and associated purchasing/hosting costs.
  • Easy deployment on private or public clouds. Protects your data integrity while reducing operational costs.
  • Heavily discounted licensing costs for large scale deployments.
  • Minimum operational costs: 100% based on the OpenResty tech stack. Each gateway server runs a single daemon, the OpenResty+ daemon. Edge Admin servers only need an additional PostgreSQL database daemon.
  • 24x7 commercial support with no extra charges. We take care of all your product related problems.

What are the advantages of your commercial products as compared to your open source ones?

What if I have special ad hoc requirements?

Is free trial available for commercial products?

Are there free upgrades included in the commercial products?

Are there success stories for the commercial products?

Working out of the box: Web GUI is provided for easy configuration. No programming needed. No need to learn nginx.conf or Lua programming. 0 learning costs and 0 barriers to entry for common operations.

Advanced enterprise level features: WAF, DNS, rate limiting, real-time traffic and error log analytics, dynamic proxying, load balancing -- all included.

Higher performance: Commercial products use the highly optimized OpenResty+ platform with deep performance optimizations based on the open source OpenResty stack.

Near real-time reconfiguration: Built-in hot reconfiguration mechanism ensures that global deployment and rollback can be done in just a few seconds.

The commercial products provide Web forms for creating custom rules with a rich set of predefined conditions and actions.

Edge Language can be used to convey the most complex business logic and a web IDE is provided to enter Edge language rules with ease.

When you don't want to learn or use the Edge language, we can also help you prepare Edge Language rules for complicated requirements.

Advanced users can extend the Edge language by calling any external Lua code or C libraries from within the Edge source code in privileged mode.

We are always listening! If you have special requirements that cannot be fulfilled in the current platform, feel free to send us your feature requests. We are happy to consider integrating them into our products.

30 day free evaluation is available for enterprise users. No free trial is provided for personal users at the moment.

Free trial customers can deploy the Edge Node software on their own machines. the Edge Admin software is still hosted and managed by OpenResty Inc., however. Paid customers can deploy their own instances of Edge Admin.

Free trial packages cannot be redistributed to any third parties, nor can they be used in production environments.

It is required to sign the formal free evaluation agreement with OpenResty Inc. or its subsidiaries on the company level before the free trial can begin.

All paid OpenResty Edge 2 customers will receive free bug fixes, performance optimizations, new features and security fixes for the current major version throughout the contract period.

We distribute binary package repositories for common Linux distributions, such as YUM and Apt repositories. Updating OpenResty Edge 2 is no different from updating any other packages on the operating system. We are also happy to consider other kinds of operating systems.

Existing customers will receive discounts when new major version is released in the future, like OpenResty Edge 3.

We have deployed a global scale CDN network on AliCloud and DigitalOcean for content acceleration and security protection of our own web sites, like and

We always verify any new features, optimizations, and bug fixes first in our own global CDN network.

The previous generation of our product, OpenResty Edge 1, has been deployed in a big CDN company's edge networks, serving several Tbps of real Internet traffic. OpenResty Edge 1 is now discontinued and no longer available.