OpenResty Inc. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States

Our Vision

Liberate human intelligence and creativity withmachine coding



Our Values

Begin with synergy and transparency

Walk the path of "Integrity" that leads to equanimity

Innovate ferociously to unlock human potential

Strive for perfection and being extraordinary

It started with the passion for open-source and innovation
Past, present, andfuture

OpenResty has been open-source since its inception. Over the years, users from the community have applied our solutions to a wide range of business use cases.

From commercial websites to modern Web applications to network storage systems and growing possibilities, OpenResty is essential to an increasing variety of Web technologies and business industries. One common usage is to create full-fledged Web applications, such as e-commerce platforms, Web management systems, and large-scale streaming websites. Some other companies use it to build their distributed network storage system (including cloud storage applications). We have also seen companies use it for their high-traffic internet advertising platforms and complicated Web API management systems. Our community members even find their surprising ways to utilize OpenResty, one use case being to drive hardware systems like home-based companion robots.


Websites have used our technologies

15 Years

Community organic growth


GitHub repositories created

“agentzh: please allow me to say I'm amazed”

Larry Wall | Creator of Perl

Machine codingin OpenResty
OpenResty 中的机器编程
OpenResty 中的機器程式設計

Machine coding is deeply rooted in all OpenResty solutions as a unique differentiator. As a programmer, I envision OpenResty to lead the revolution of machine coding in tech and the industries.

By feeding the machine the industry domain and human intentions, it can start writing and optimizing code, testing effectively, generating human-readable documents automatically, and deploying large-scale computer systems accurately.

Similar to the manufacturing industry nowadays, humans widely benefit from robotic assembly automation; programmers in the future will also be liberated from repetitive business logic coding, enabled to focus on innovative and creative computer programming.

- Yichun Zhang(agentzh)

Our founder

Founder and CEO Yichun Zhang

Yichun Zhang (agentzh)

Founder and CEO
Original creator of OpenResty
powering the most high-traffic websites in the world

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