What Does Commercial Support Cover?

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Use of Open Source OpenResty

Includes the official release of OpenResty, and the NGINX and Lua/LuaJIT core components included in OpenResty.

Applications built on OpenResty

Includes upper-level applications or services built on C or Lua modules based on OpenResty

What Services are Included?

Advice on how to use OpenResty

How to use OpenResty to meet business scenarios and how to build applications more efficiently

Performance analysis and optimization advice

Advice on performance analysis of CPU, memory, IO problems, etc.

Abnormal problem analysis and diagnosis

Mainly for online problems, such as occasional delays, analysis and diagnosis of occasional abnormal request, assisting in locating problems and proposing improvements.

Technical Training

OpenResty high-level usage, best practices, advanced debugging methods, etc.

Which Support Level Is Right for Me?

FeaturesBasic SLAProfessional SLAEnterprise SLA
Support hoursBusiness hours24/724/7
Email supportYesYesYes
Phone supportNoYesYes
Response time8 hours4 hours30 minutes
Third-party modules supportNoYesYes
Interested parties please contact us via