OpenResty Plus
A premium Web application server that covers all your needs

An enterprise-ready Web server solution with rich built-in support features and better than ever programmability and compatibility.

Open-source drop-in replacement
SchemaLang Data Model Generator
SchemaLang 数据模型生成器
Speed up OpenResty-based Applications
加速基于 OpenResty 的应用程序
Control Web Console Servers Management
High Performance OpenResty WAF
高性能的 OpenResty WAF
Rich Built-in Support
HTTP3 Support
支持 HTTP3
High Performance JSON Library
高性能的 JSON 库
LuaJIT Sandbox Protection
LuaJIT 沙箱保护
Config/Code Version Control
Smart SSL Certificate Management
智能 SSL 证书管理
Troubleshooting and profiling support
Partitioned Networks
Real-Time Dynamic Metrics
Server Error Log
  • Enterprise-level security and reliability
  • Servers management at a large scale with user-friendly GUI
  • Significantly enhanced performance compared to OS OpenResty
  • In-house professional support
  • Zero programming language barrier for better extensibility and integrability
  • Introducing intelligent observability
OpenResty Edge
Gateway management platform built to maximize your productivity

A gateway software best to manage distributed web traffic in the multi-cloud and service mesh era.

Kubernetes Integration
集成 Kubernetes
Distributed Load Balancer
Distributed Nodes Managament
Partitioned Network
Multi-Tier Network
Tiered Caching
Real-Time Cache Purge
Native WAF
本机 WAF
Request Rewriting
Version Control
Multi-Role Network
Zero service reloading time
Real-time In-Memory Metrics
  • Best-in-class distributed web traffic management capability
  • Bleeding edge “no-code” solution with machine coding technology
  • Admin or non-technical user-friendly GUI for easy configuration
  • Enterprise-level customer support
  • Rich built-in functionalities for any size of the company
  • Compatible with most Web Server in the market
  • Server management at a large scale
OpenResty XRay
An all-in-one troubleshooting and profiling tool built for OSS

A real-time, lightweight, non-invasive monitoring tool that helps you optimize resources and quickly troubleshoot and resolve complex issues.

Comprehensive Reports
Real-time Analysis
Full-Stack Analysis
Programs as Data
Flexible Targets for Analysis
Rich Data Visualization
Automatic Reasoning & Diagnostics
Universal Applicability
Negligible Overhead
Enterprise-level security
Powerful Extensibility
Easy to Install
Native Support for Virtualization
Trust & Compliance
  • An out-of-the-box and lightweight solution
  • Fully compatible with OpenResty products and most open-source software
  • Utilizing 100% non-invasive dynamic-tracing technology
  • Optimizing both hardware resources and code performance
  • Troubleshooting at the code level in no time
  • Generating comprehensive report with rich data visualization

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OpenResty Plus

Modern Web application server

  • Seamless migration
  • Enhanced capabilities
  • Manage at large scale
openresty edge

Distributed gateway software

  • High performing traffic management
  • No-code and user friendly GUI
  • Enterprise SLA
openresty xray

Troubleshooting and profiling tool

  • Troubleshoot and resolve in no time
  • Resource optimization
  • Out-of-the-box easy solution
Discover our functionalities
See all the functionalities we offer and select the product that fits best. Our products are built to solve your painpoints, whether you are a developer, a DevOps, or a business user.
developer features
  • Enhanced LuaJIT
  • Implement Console/Terminal-Based Applications
  • Advanced Lua Code (or Other Code) Debugging Support
  • WebAssembly with nonblocking IO Support
  • Ability to Speed up Other OpenResty-Based Applications
  • Lua Scripting
  • OpenResty XRay Compatibility
  • Fanlang Scripting
  • OpsLang Scripting
  • Implement Complete Abitrary Web Applications (API Servers, Web Page Servers) High Performance Binary JSON Library
  • LuaJIT Sandbox Protection
  • High Performance Client Libraries for Redis/MySQL/PostgreSQL/gRPC/HTTP2/ LDAP/Memcache/ZeroMQ and many more
  • SchemaLang Data Model Generator
  • Streaming Response Body Regex Substitution Engine
traffic management
  • High Performance OpenResty WAF
  • Implement Dynamic Gateway & Load blancer
  • Real-Time Conditional Cache Purge
  • Server Error Log Auto Aggregation & Analysis
  • Global Server Load-Blancing
  • HTTP3 Support
  • Real-Time Dynamic Metrics
  • Built-in TCP Support
  • EdgeLang Page Rules
  • Built-in SNI Support
  • Built-in Support for Streaming CSS/HTML/JS Code Minimization
  • Geo-Sensitive DNS Server
  • Dynamic HTTP2 and HTTP 1.x Switch
  • Built-in Support for Gateway & Backend Healchecks
  • Multi-tier Networks (Software defined WAN Routing)
  • Distributed Response Cache Based on Cluster Level
  • Built-in Socks5 Support
config management
  • Smart SSL Certificate Management
  • Central Web Console to Manage Many Servers
  • Kubernetes Integration
  • Extremely Scalable Virtual Severs & Hosts
  • Page Rules Based on Web Forms
  • Built-in Support for Private CDN Networks
  • Transparent Config Update without Server Reload/Restart
  • Built-in Support for Config/Code Version Control
  • Incremental Config Synchronization Among Many Servers
  • Built-in Support for ACME/ACMEv2 & Let's Encrypt
  • Partitioned Networks
  • Built-in Support for Static File Serving Managed by Centrol Consoles
“OpenResty Inc.‘s enterprise solutions help us improve our productivity significantly with its troubleshooting and optimizing functionalities. We were able to resolve mysterious software issues in production instantly.”
Jun Xiao | Site Manager
“OpenResty is the only product available in the industry where you can seamlessly deploy Lua scripts WAF rules across the cluster. It has high concurrency, excellent performance under high loads, and a very intuitive UI for easy deployment.”
Sandeep Sehgal | Principal Architect (NASDAQ: QUNR)
“Adopting OpenResty Edge was an excellent decision. It reduces our maintenance cost by 90%. From reloading time that’s less than seconds, simplified page rules and business logic, to its user-friendly UI for batch operation and automation, we are constantly impressed by the best-in-class performance and system stability.”
Bin Sun | VPE
“OpenResty allows us to elegantly perform network programming with a very low cost and several times more efficient than traditional socket programming. Between resource occupation, execution efficiency, and concurrency, OpenResty is excellent.”
“We used to struggle during extreme Web traffic as one of Asia’s highest traffic media sites. OpenResty helps us stay engaged with our audience even with thousands of cache purges per minute and over 20 million requests per hour. ”
Technical Director at a Large Media Website
“At Ajaib, running OpenResty in production has exceeded all our expectations. Major props to their team for the close support and critical advice given to us throughout the rollout process (both pre and post). We couldn't have chosen a better partner, very proud to be OpenResty's first Indonesian customer!”
Winston Lays | Co-founder and CTO
Innovie GmbH
“OpenResty Edge is one of the best products out there when it comes to scalable and customizable gateways with maximum performance. I really appreciate its awesome assistance.”
David Steinbauer | CEO
“OpenResty provides great capacity for application development by allowing users to easily customize packages with their own code.”
Tom Larkworthy | Cloud Consultant
powering the most high-traffic websites in the world

“Greatly improving the performance and scale of our overall application”

Thomas Griffin |Forbes
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